Nick and Deby TanasescuDear friends,
We would like to share with you a few of the events which took place in the last few months and some of the future events, which will be held in December and January.

Mission Summit, Ephrata, PA
The mission summit in Pennsylvania was a great encouragement and a great place to connect with friends and meet new people who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel with the world! HNI made it possible for me and three other pastors from Albania to join the conference. We look forward to the future events with HNI in Albania as well!

Mobilizing and equipping believers for the task of mission
During the last weeks, we traveled and shared the gospel in different villages and cities in Romania to raise funds and also to organize a prayer team for the ministry in Albania. Because of the economic situation caused by the war in Ukraine, Romania is struggling financially, but nevertheless, some churches opened their hearts to give and pray for future projects in Albania.

Through the Balkan Sunrise (non-profit organization) we were able to organize anti-bullying events in schools near Oradea to promote Christian values.

In November we had a team who come from Canada (Pastor Lionel Batke and Daryl) to preach around Oradea. We had 6 meetings with them in different churches.

We also were able to help Drs. Tim and Maureen to conduct a medical project with their team among the Romanian hospitals, also involving Christian students from the University of Medicine. The project was a huge encouragement for Romanians who will benefit from the experiences of American physicians. Dr. Tim also spoke in several churches in the region and many people were blessed to hear the Word!

Church planting in one Roma village
The church planting in Balc is going very well and on the 23rd of December, we will mobilize a local church from Oradea to make shoe boxes for Roma kids from the community. I will go there with a team and preach the Gospel to the community and we will pray for a great moving of God and see a revival in that small community!

What is coming next?
In December between 5-15, we will have 40 volunteers who will travel from Romania and the United Kingdom to Skopje to help the Roma church preach the gospel and establish other projects there.
At the beginning of 2022, I had planned to bring to the Balkans at least 30 volunteers during the year…I am amazed to see that at the end of the year more than 50 people have been to Albania and Macedonia…! This is the year of multiplication! Because of the time, I will not be able to be there physically but we do help them with logistics and coordination.

On December 25th we will ask ourselves a question: How will Jesus celebrate ”His birthday”? The answer is quite simple. He will preach to the poor, heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God. So on the 25th, we will organize an evangelistic event among the Ukrainians from Oradea. We will also serve lunch to the people who will come. Looking for a movement from God!

Oradea-the Hub of global mission.
Our vision for the time in Oradea was and still remains to see this small city becoming a sending hub for evangelists and missionaries in Romania and as well to other countries. We are happy to see great practical steps in this area and at this point, we are in the process of establishing a small department that will provide tools to mobilize at least 200 churches from the region to pray, send, and support mission work among the nations! With patience, work and dedication everything is possible for His glory!

By God’s grace we were able to build a team here in Oradea and on the 11th of December we will hold a mission conference in Oradea and in January we will launch the Kairos course in Oradea!
From those events will flow a great interest in missions and as well for intercessory prayer for the nations!
We invite you to continue with us through your prayers and support!

We are hoping to publish the book “Call of God for Simple People” in the USA, and we are looking for a publisher as well as an editor…if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Thanks!
Nick and Deby Tanasescu